How to: kick your soda addition


Happy Labor Day to all, I hope you enjoy the extra long weekend! I’ve been studying Pathology like a mad woman all week but I did manage to get a nice run in yesterday afternoon. I ran through the neighborhood I live in and it was TOUGH! It was super hot outside and I was so sweaty and exhausted… I didn’t even make it 4 miles! I will blame the hills of the neighborhood.


Okay, to be honest, I’ve never been a huge soda fan. In college I would have a coke when I would go out to eat sometimes but I never ever bought soda to have a home, and I usually prefer lemonade or iced tea at restaurants anyways. Even when I was younger my mom never let me drink soda, and I didn’t even like the taste of coke until I was in college! However, even though it isn’t from personal experience, I know kicking a soda addiction is one of the hardest things for some people to do! And I have a secret that I think will work for anyone! It can be an addiction to energy drink, soda, whatever the culprit is… I’m here to help!

These last few weeks I’ve wanted a pick-me-up to sip on in the afternoons while studying but a lot of times I didn’t want to turn to another cup of coffee (because I’ve usually already had 2 in the morning), so I have developed a new obsession with La Croix sparkling water that I must share with the world! The water is super crisp and delicious! I hate how sweet soda is, so this water is perfect! However, if you’re used to drinking soda all the time, this may be a slightly bitter shock to you… but keep drinking it!!! Your taste buds adjust and adapt over time, which is why our likes and dislikes, change so often with food! So if you keep with it, soon this will be tasting delicious to you and regular soda will be way too sweet!


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