I ran 10 miles!


This weekend was amazing because I actually got to stop studying for a little while and enjoy the beautiful weather here. We had a huge snow storm last week which cause our school schedule to get really mixed up, we ended up have three neuro exams in one week, two of which were on the same day… talk about a living nightmare. BUT I survived, and I’m proud of myself for making it through with good spirits! 

On Friday after our exams I just relaxed and went out to dinner. I was so tired the last thing I wanted to do was cook! And on Saturday I had signed up for a 16k (10 miles) with some of my friends from school. Saturday morning I was definietly regretting the decision and I was hoping I’d even be able to finish it! But I did! And it was a really great run. The weather was perfect, and the whole race was exactly what I needed after such a mentally taxing week! 

I have some delicious recipes coming up this week so stick around!




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