Everything I learned in Med School: Neuro Block

Hi everyone!

I started this fun idea last block to kind of collect my thoughts at the end of each block and to help me reflect and appreciate this crazy journey. You can read about what I learn in musculoskeletal block here! This block was nuts. It was 11 weeks of non-stop studying and there were times I thought I might not make it out of med school. Okay, I’m kind of being dramatic but this block was more mentally challenging than I ever expected. So without further delay…

Everything I learned in Med School: Neuroscience Block
This block focused on neuroscience, neuroanatomy, neurology, along with head, ear, nose and throat (ENT) physiology and pathologies.
What I learned:

  • The brain is complicated! And there are so many more pieces to the puzzle than you expect
  • Neurology is a amazing field but often focuses of symptom relief, as many diseases don’t have a cute.
  • The eye has free nerve endings which explains why it’s the only part of the body that a simple eyelash can cause extreme discomfort and pain
  • The smallest bones in the human body are in the middle ear (they are so cute!)
  • I could see myself being a neurologist. Now lifestyle, clinic life, I’m not sure about (that’s what rotations are for!) but the actual field of Neurology I love and could see myself doing in the future.
  • There really aren’t enough hours in the day. Some days I had to sacrifice my run to get stuff done and that’s okay. My number one job is to be the best student I can, so if that means running four days instead of 6 one week… Oh well!
  • Doing our “Stabdardized Patient” exams are my favorite and make me feel like a real doctor
  • The eyeball is crazy and sees things upside-down and filpped around! It’s so hard to figure out what’s going on when problems involve vision pathway. When in doubt…consult ophtho!
  • I’m thankful for all of the amazing supportive friends I have in school and in my life.
  • I really can’t wait to be a doctor 


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