Meet Ivy, the Mini Dachshund!

Meet Ivy!

Ivy is the newest addition to my life in medical school and I love her so much. I got her two weeks ago, when she had just turned 13 weeks old, and I’m in love with her. She is a smooth coat English Cream Mini Dachshund and she has stolen my heart! She is less than thrilled when I wake her up at 3AM on exam mornings (need that last minute time to cram!) but I think she’s adjusting to life in medical school just fine. We’ve already met lots of our neighbors and she gets along well with the big dogs around the area, and she loves it! She is pretty brave for being a whopping 4.3 pounds!

I have begun crate training her (… and I prepared for the worse), but she has been an angel! She took to the crate immediately and I often find her sleeping in it throughout the day, even when I’m home! She is a little bit of a shy puppy, and I think the crate makes her feel safe. I always try to take her on long walks in the afternoon to make sure she’s tired before bed, but so far she’s slept through the night every night!

I’m so excited to have a tiny companion to help me through the next year of medical

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