Everything I learned in Med School: Cardio/Pulm Block


I’m a second year medical student!

First year of medical school… DONE. How crazy is that? I remember like it was yesterday how anxious and excited I was to start, and now I’m relieved and thankful it’s over. It’s really funny how quickly you become overwhelmed and almost bitter with the amount of work you’re putting it. My month long summer is very well needed, and I’m excited to get a break from the books!

Don’t forget everything else I learned in medical school! Here is Musculoskeletal and Neuro!

Everything I learned in Medical School: Cardio Pulm Edition

  • I love babies. I love learning about congenital defects and preterm births. I love it all.
  • On that same note – babies are tough, and they can fight through a lot to survive.
  • Before birth you can have a defect called Transposition of the Great Vessels which basically means your aorta and pulmonary vessels are swapped around. This defect does not have a heart murmur associated with it, making it easy to miss.
  • Many people have holes in their hearts that they’ll never even know about! However, in some people it can allow a blood clot from the leg to get to the brain = stroke
  • Infant lungs are not developed under 21 weeks and are the main reason that preterm babies under this have a much lower survival rate.
  • Not all lung cancer is associated with smoking- there’s even a type of lung cancer that’s target population is female nonsmokers (adenocarcinoma)
  • Aortic dissections are deadly. Patients present with “tearing” chest pain and their status deteriorates within an hour. (If you watched 8 Simply Rules, like I did, this is what killed John Ritter in real life 😢)
  • I love my medical school. Our faculty and staff really care about us, and after 4 blocks I’m starting to really realize this.
  • I didn’t sign up to be a medical student forever, and sometimes I have to remind myself of this. I will make it through this!

I hope you enjoyed this! Time for our GI/Renal block – but first, my last summer break.

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